im conflicted

ok, this has nothing to do with the theme of this blog
help me out
on March 12 there is a battle of the bands at my school, after which I was planning to have some friends over for a slumber party. Also, I just discovered that Alesana, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Fear Before, and I Set My Friends On Fire are playing the Masquerade. I can't decide which to go to. Help.


sherri said...

How about a little of both? Split the time at both events?

ARamsey said...

If you are for sure getting several ppl to spend the night i'd go with the B.O.T.B. However, if you don't get more than like 2 peeps go to that concert, sounds pretty good...and its a bunch of legit bands over a whole bunch of really bad bands with maybe two good bands with terrible acoustics.

KC said...

i would love to split time
but Alesana is like 1 hour away from my house