#20. Christians are confusing

Well, if you're a Christian, you've probably said many things in your life that have outright confused people outside the faith. Exhibit A...

"Jesus saves sinners and redeems them"

Redeems them for what? Jesus saves sinners and redeems them... for cash and valuable prizes? Jesus collects sinners and trades them in for moolah and a new bike? What? Ok that one is not /so/ confusing... but...

How about "I found Jesus!"

You "found" Him? Were you guys playing a rousing game of Holy Hide'n'Seek? Where did you find Him? Was He behind the couch the whole time like the t-shirt said? Was He secretly camped out in the treehouse?

I guess these could be a bit farfetched... but if we wish to be understood, we should drop the metaphors, analogies whatever the literary term is and talk in a way that makes sense. Thanks :D