#10. Harvest Moon is eating my life and the "That's a church, really?!?" fictional or not-so-fictional religious movement guessing game.

Help... me...
I just spent 3 hours playing Harvest Moon, totally not realizing how much time I spent.

Aside from that, imagine this scenario:
You: (walk into this random building on the side of the road with a giant cross on top, you get closer and you notice a large sign that says "GraceTruthLifeNorth Holiness Church Of God Who Likes To Make People Feel Comfortable Jesus Power Church")
Mr. Hand Out The Bulletins Guy: Hey, um, this isn't really a bulletin but it's a piece of shiny paper with a blank calendar on it. Use it to write down what whoever says or you can doodle on it or whatever. Welcome to our "ministry".
You: So, um, where am I supposed to go?
Mr. Hand Out The Bulletins Guy: Oh, you can go into the sanctuary. There's coffee and fluffy couches that you can sit on. The best part is, you're allowed to drink coffee in there! Don't worry about spilling it. Jesus will zap it to oblivion and there won't be a stain anymore.
You: I bet the coffee's delicious. (walks into sanctuary) So what's supposed to happen here?
Guy beside you eating a sandwich: Well, we don't really have a service, but sometimes people get up there and they start singing, or they start preaching. There's about 40 different people who do that, and hopefully there will be someone out here listening. The main reason we don't have set service times is because we like to make people feel comfortable. Also, there's earbuds connected to the armrests of the couches so in case whatever the guy says doesn't interest you, you can listen to some David Crowder songs to the tune of Slipknot.
You: Great. (shudders)

So, how did you like GraceTruthLifeNorth Holiness Church Of God Who Likes To Make People Feel Comfortable Jesus Power Church? I thought it was kinda sketchy.

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