#11. If the Pillsbury Doughboy had a Facebook, I'd poke him 24/7

I love Facebook poking. I love poking other people, but I absolutely despise when they poke me. It's so friggin annoying. It's like, "Hi, I'm here, do you see me?" I KNOW YOU'RE THERE STOP POKING ME!!!

What would it look like if God had a Facebook? Would you poke Him? Would He poke you? Would there now be an option that only God could use called "give Skittles"? Would there be a human option called "eat Skittles"? I hope so. That would be so cool.

First of all, to poke God, He would have to be a physical being. And then I'd like to imagine that if God were a physical being and you could poke Him, then your finger would become eternal as well. It would be like *poke* "Oh crap I think my finger just destroyed the space-time continuum!" That would be weird. Fingers turning eternal could cause all sorts of problems to the universe.

I think it would be kinda pointless to poke God, because it's like, "hey God, when am I gonna get that raise/job/new car/acceptance letter to Jesus Power Holiness Bible College of Jesus?" Seriously. Chill out. God knows you're there and He knows what you want, and if it's supposed to happen then you'll get what you want eventually. I'm really glad God doesn't get annoyed by my theoretical "poking" Him all the time. Because if He got annoyed how I get annoyed when people Facebook poke me, I think that all Christians would be in deep doo-doo. We'd be in danger of being smitten all the time. That would kinda suck. I'm glad that God's merciful and doesn't get pissed when we remind Him of stuff like we think He would forget or something.


i am honored to have been given the privilege of being an editor of the awesome (or as Christy would call it, awes) KC’s Jesus blog, and me and kara decided we would work on this one cooperatively. so you’ll see me every now and then.

so, kara’s just talked about poking God. but what about a situation in which God pokes us? not in the sense that you’d get a notification on facebook (“you’ve been poked by Jesus Christ!! take revenge and poke Jesus back!), and not that a finger emitting blinding light would appear out of nowhere and poke your shoulder, cause that would be plain out freaky (someone should add that to the SuperPoke app). but more so in the form of an occasional and/or emotional nudge at your conscience that im sure many of us have felt, from atheists to the firmest believers.

everyone makes mistakes, everyone turns their back on God every day, all the time. imagine you have a friend you love with all your soul who suddenly begins to ignore you or try to avoid you. Would you not try to get their attention? hello, i still exist you know, and I still love you. HELLLLOO I THOUGHT WE WERE BFF’S YO WHAT HAPPENED?!? we may poke them in the back, or if that seems too obnoxious, we might attempt to reach them by phone or talk in person so you can be noticed by him/her again. maybe he/she will reject you again, but maybe its worth the risk to try and get him/her to be friends with you again.

feel like you are getting poked? is your conscience telling you to not lie or steal? do you feel guilty for not going to church? can you feel something in the air reminding you that you haven’t prayed or read your bible in a while? if you feel lost or alone, turn back around to God! respond to His pokes, His attempts at getting you to run back to Him. He doesn’t expect us to be perfect and constantly do these things because He knows we can’t, but He would love the occasional phone call. just dial 555-JESUS-SAVES its toll free!


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

This is such an awesome post! I'm pretty sure you should turn this into a youth group or Sunday school lesson.

KC said...

Maybe Drew and I should go to seminary then go back to Perimeter and be in charge of the youth group.

Haagen-dazs said...

lol that would be interesting

KC said...

Drew, can you write something? I can't think today I have the dumb.

Haagen-dazs said...

looks like you did fine with the cheese post. haha

but yeah id be happy to help sometime in the future if you cant think of anything. ill keep my ideas in a word document or something.

Anonymous said...

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