Video Games All Christians Should Play And Why

so for those of you who don't know, I am a huge gamer, I absolutely adore video games. I can play for hours on end and never get bored. It's great really. Here are some games that every Christian should play and why I think you should play them.

1. Bibleman: The Fight For Faith
Basically you're this Jesus-loving, children-saving super guy that wears the armor of God as mentioned in Philippians and you solve puzzles and fight bad guys. How awesome is that? The reason you should play this is because it has the word Bible in the name. Yes, it's a cheesy Christian themed game, but it's good.

2. Saints Of Virtue
Probably the only not-cheesy Christian themed game ever. I mean basically you fight the seven deadly sins. It's like Pilgrim's Progress but a lot less boring and with a sword. It came out in 1999 and it's still great. It's like the Christianised version of DOOM. The level structure is similar-ish.

3. DOOM 64
Whoa! Hold up there!! Did you say DOOM? The most controversial game of the 90s?
Yes. I did say DOOM. Let me tell you why before you leg-drop an old lady or throw Skittles through your computer screen at me. The reason I say DOOM is because you kill demons. I mean, nothing gets more Christian superhero than killing demons. I mean, all Christians wish they could slay demons, and some super awesome Christians actually can! I don't recommend for anyone under 14. Download a Nintendo 64 emulator and DOOM 64 here (emulator) and here (game).

4. Quake 64
For the same reasons as DOOM. Get Quake 64 from a torrent.

5. Harvest Moon 64
Ever wanted to be Amish but not sacrifice electricity? Ever wanted to be a Mennonite that lives on a farm in Kansas and only speaks German? Now's your chance (minus the German part). Nothing gets more conservative Christian-y than farming. And you can't argue with me, because you will lose, I will hold out my epic fail fists, and you will then get rick rolled and forced to shut down your computer and Skittles will fall out of the sky. Anyway, farming is great. Just tape some Bible verses to the screen as you play or give your person a Bible name like Hezekiah and then you have the Amish experience right in front of you. Download it here and play it on the previously mentioned emulator.

Comment so I feel special! What games can you loosely tie in to have something to do with Christianity?


catriona said...

seriously, this cracked me up. ha ha, apparently true "christians" shouldn't have time to play videogames because they are too involved in evangelism. well, if that's true, then I am soooo not a christian, video games are awesome, but I have to say that some of these games are slightly questionable....
cat :D

KC said...

true Christians shouldn't play DOOM
because satan will get into my mind or... something like that
but DOOM is about killing satan...

kryst3n said...

frogger could be about us avoiding the temptation to jump into the river of sin and such too soon and missing the log of life-ness?

KC said...

good one :D