Of Switchfoot, Stress and School (A Post from Drew)

Hi this is drew again, but this time im not randomly editing. this is my own kinda post. kara said i could if i wanted to and this is something i wanted to get down in print.

(i apologize in advance if the tone is less upbeat and amusing than usual b/c its late and im not very happy right now as you will see later)

to start off, lemme say im a huge switchfoot fan and i have drawn so much encouragement and joy from each of their songs. ive currently been listening to jon foreman, their singer, in his solo work. its great stuff.

so, while listening to jon play his guitar and sing i was sitting here more distressed than i have been in quite a while. i was close to having an emotional breakdown. all because of this stupid project i was nowhere near done for an art class. come on. i took it with the assumption it would be a slacker class to balance out my rough schedule. tonight i had gotten a bit done and realized it was all wrong. while fixing it i could keep nothing on my mind execpt the wonder of how something so insignificant as some pieces of paper could make me like that.

then jon's lyrics sort of drowned out the stress for a moment. in his song "your love is strong," the words just kinda hit me. this is just one of the many messeges in this masterpiece of a song, by the way.

"So why should i worry
Why do i freak out
God knows what i need
You know what i need"

why should i worry about how these squares arent fitting right? He knows what i need! if you know me well you know that i freak out rather easily, and it often ends up as quite an overexageration. why do i freak out? God will provide me with what i need. now, im not saying i will never do a busy work project again, because then i will get zeroes. but i need to learn that there is absolutely no reason to worry about what i will eat, what will i wear, how can i get this to work because He provides. i havent even tried finishing this project of tonight, i hope to get an extra day from my teacher. but there is no reason to worry..im sure my future wont be altered by this piece of crap :p

jon goes on to say that "Your love is strong" over and over again in the chorus. simply pausing and hearing that gives me encouragement when i feel without strength. His love is strong enough to get me through the long weeks, to give me my daily bread, to pick me back up no matter how far i may fall.

"Your love is
Your love is
Your love is strong"


sherri said...

Pieces of crap will never alter our future...only our attitude towards the pieces will do that!

Looks like you are handling it now with a great attitude.

Good thinkin'.

KC said...

nice nice
I needed that so much
my dad was yelling at me this morning and I seriosuly thought he was gonna hit me and I've been freaking out all day

Haagen-dazs said...

im sorry! i hope your day tmrw is better.

He will provide :)

..and im glad you both liked it