#15. Twizzlers, Goldfish, Skittles and bootleg cookies.

SCL has already covered the Skittles, Goldfish and bootleg cookies well enough, but I found a new bootleg Oreo in science class. We were weighing the cookies and the filling and figuring out which one was the best buy based on which was more mass of cookie for cheaper. Turns out bootleg cookies are actually a rip off. These cookies, called Kid-O's cost more per 50 grams than Double Stuff Oreos. Seriously. Ask my chemistry teacher.

Also, I have a proposal for a Christianized Goldfish. I mean it's already a fish, but then it could have a cross for an eye, or something like that and it could be marketed as Godfish.

Last Monday I went downtown and volunteered at City Of Refuge with my youth group. They said they had way too many Twizzlers and demanded that each of us take a bag. I was ecstatic because I haven't had Twizzlers since camp. So naturally, I got home and ate half of them. But the reason I am telling this story is because I want to show you why Twizzlers can and should be youth group/VBS food.

Youth pastors/people in charge of VBS should buy Twizzlers because:
  1. They are candy and straws. Who doesn't like edible straws? Except those cereal straws are kind of repulsive. Really? Who wants a straw that decomposes while you're using it? Not me.
  2. They instantaneously make your water taste like strawberries and it adds an extra special flavour to sodas.
  3. Jesus likes Twizzlers slightly more than bootleg cookies. And Jesus likes cookies, a lot.
  4. They are so freakin cheap, and adults hate them, therefore none of the chaperones will eat all the Twizzlers
  5. They have a hole in them, which basically means it should be used as a straw.
Got anything to add?

drew: yes. i hate twizzlers xD


Haagen-dazs said...

what is SCL? and VBS?

KC said...

Stuff Christians Like
Vacation Bible School

wv: dishe
do the dishees
(its french)

Haagen-dazs said...

ah ok thanks haha

sherri said...

I grew up on twizzler straws!

And why is it that most adults suddenly stop liking them?

Not me, I'm old and still sneak in an occasional "straw" when hubby turns his head. (mmmmmm....strawberry water!)

Funny post!