#17. T-shirts, happiness and Jesus camp

First of all, I am seriously thinking about making some shirts. I'll post some designs in a bit.

Secondly, I'm happy! Which is really really really super freaking exciting! Thank you Hannah Adams and Jon Foreman. And, I discovered that if you are happy, you are more likely to do a successful handspring.

Jesus camp is legit.

Today I heard this commercial on my local Christian radio station about this Christian camp expo. It was quite hilarious.
It was like
"Welcome to camp Wegotyougotyou"
"are we gonna go hiking and climbing?"
"no, too dangerous. Today we are doing basket-weaving and poetry."
"are we gonna go rafting?"
"too dangerous. We're making pottery and then having a seminar on camp hygiene"
and it goes on like that
and then the kid says
"I should have gone to the 104.7 The Fish summer camp expo."

And I started thinking how Christian camps can be dangerous, but that just makes them more saturated in Jesus-osity and Christian love. This is why camp is dangerous:

  1. There are trees and roots everywhere. Someone's gonna run into a tree and fall over, scrape their leg up and not be able to walk for the rest of the day. Or what about that kid that trips over the root at night and rolls down the hill? Oh, that was me.
  2. The showers do not respond to you altering the temperature. I mean, you put it on cold and it scalds you, you put it on hot and it still scalds you, and you only have two minutes to take a shower without getting third degree burns. And all the while, there is a counselor yelling and hitting the door impatiently waiting for you to get dressed and get out of the shower because apparently it's been "10 minutes already"
  3. You know that thing where there are wires between the trees and you have to walk on them without falling off? Well, someone's gonna fall off and hit their head on a log. Or, someone's gonna fall and slice their leg open on the wire.
  4. I'm pretty sure a bug touched my toothbrush while I was sleeping.
  5. Scorpions. They will get in your bed. They did to my friend when we were like in 5th grade. There was 10 scorpions on her leg.
  6. Ever noticed how when you go to camp the stinging bugs get a whole lot bigger?
I love camp so much. And the physical hurt means nothing. But it makes a good story and its fun to share!

Getting hurt at camp stories, anyone? Post in comments.


sherri said...

WOuld you believe I have NEVER been to church camp?

My boys went, just not me.

This was funny.

I love the bug on your toothbrush line! tehee

sherri said...

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Check it out.