#13. I don't wanna read the book, I'll watch the movie.

So today I had a guitar lesson. And I learned the solo to this song and some wicked-sick Russian-y sounding scales.

I have two things to say about this song. The first thing is that 1997 was not the year for fashion.
The second thing is the fact that I think we're lazy. We just sit around in the same place, doing the same things over and over again. God gave us LEGS so we could go DO STUFF and not sit around doing nothing. You best get out and enjoy your life or God will smite you with an iron fist. Actually, He probably won't, but nevertheless, there will be a "Hey God, will You, um, smite this guy? He's not enjoying his life like I told him to." Also, I have something to say about the part of the song that the title refers to. Yes, this song is about the intro to chemistry class at USCD, but you know what else? What if the Bible was a movie? What if there was a movie about God? That would suck. You know why? Because I would be less obliged to read the Bible (ESV of course) and spend time with God than I already am. Also, if the Bible were made into a movie, it would be kind of violent and gross, sometimes. Just read Leviticus. I don't wanna watch a movie that visually depicts this stuff.
I mean, imagine you're watching a movie and then, out of nowhere, the narrator starts talking and is accompanied by a lovely picture:
narrator: and then the LORD said to Moses, "if anyone has an infectious skin disease and the skin is..."

OK. Stop there. I don't want to know about your skin disease. I really don't. Sorry God, but I don't see why I should know about this skin disease. I really don't. Someone please enlighten me.
But back to the seriousness, Bible movie = people not spending time with God. More so than we already are. Laziness. No spiritual growth. That's gotta suck. Also, I felt kind of spiritually lazy after listening to this song. Not to say that all life's problems are caused by not spending time with The Mighty Tsunami (my new favourite name for God, not really, but it gets inquiries) but they could get better if you go to God instead of going to The Bible Movie or doing nothing and hoping that whatever it is goes away on it's own.

By the way, I'm not writing this post so I can say, "Look how holy I am. I should get 1000000.31 John Calvin points." I'm writing it because I need to hear it more that anyone else who reads this.


Haagen-dazs said...

a bible wouldnt ever work as movies anyways. its purpose isnt to entertain.

i love that last sentence

KC said...

but some movies aren't meant to entertain.
have you ever seen Age Of Innocence?
I am pretty sure that was never meant to entertain anyone.

I love my last sentence too. Sometimes, I say something really good, and then I'm like, "Did I seriously just say that? I'm way too dumb to come up with that..."

Gabby Sherri said...

KC, I love this post!

Thanks for "following me" on My site.

Obviously you are a little "off" yourself if you following my site, so glad to have you on board!

In reading your profile, many of our favorite books are the same. Blue Like Jazz is my favorite. I love revolutionary Christianity. (Just like Jesus). Good to find you.